A British Boarding school – the safest place on Earth



Stuart Nicholson
Alumnus of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh

British boarding schools have a well-deserved reputation for taking extremely good care of their pupils.  For example, most schools have well-equipped medical centres, with comfortable private bedrooms for any students who are poorly, and many have fully qualified nursing staff taking care of anyone who is unwell or injured.

During the current pandemic, there is probably nowhere safer than a British boarding school.  Despite the high numbers of Covid casualties in the UK, our boarding schools operate some of the most effective infection control processes imaginable.  This is possible because boarding schools can become self-contained communities, safely isolated away from sources of infection.  Everything that is needed is contained within the school grounds and access is carefully controlled to make sure that all hygiene precautions are fully observed to keep the virus at bay.

There is also probably nowhere that is more fun to be during the pandemic as all the school’s facilities, all safely away from the general public, can continue to operate as normal.  If you are studying at a boarding school, everything continues as normal.  The school catering provision continues and you have access to very high quality food prepared by experts chefs.  Boarding schools usually have very large grounds and you are likely to have several football fields to choose from, tennis courts to play on, artificial pitches, sports hall, fitness and gym equipment, and probably an indoor swimming pool.  There will be music practice rooms, well-equipped art departments, theatre or stage and plenty of people with whom to enjoy all of this.

The provision which is available at British boarding schools really is remarkable.  It is like living in an amazingly well-equipped small village, with a superb range of facilities being shared by just a few hundred pupils.  They live in their boarding houses as ultrasafe household groups, like large families, able to move comfortably and freely around their bedrooms, common rooms and kitchens and relaxation areas.

The students are completely safe within the grounds of the school and because there is no need for them to leave the grounds of the school, they spend their time with other people who are also safely isolated away from the infection. Some British boarding schools have had no infections at all in either students or staff.

Students from all over the world have been taking advantage of this boarding school safety, its excellent provision of facilities, and of course its excellent education.  Where better to spend all of your school days, not just lockdown days?


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