Englanders Scholarship Board Albania

30 contestants for 10 scholarships

Access to best British boarding schools

  • Candidates have to demonstrate high academic ability.
  • Maths and English tests apply.
  • The scholarships are awarded on merit only
  • Transparent rounds of selection


GBP 15,000 per annum
ATTN no further scholarship applied. Includes tuition, accommodation, food, laundry, most activities.
Does not include deposit, guardianship if required and/or administration fee.

Scholarship guaranteed for

  • One or each of the two years of an A-level course.
  • One or each of the two years of an IB course.
  • One Year Foundation Programme


  • September 2021 intake
  • GPA 9+ and fluency in English
  • OPEN to 10/11 grade graduates

UK boarding school locations

Within half an hour from Durham, Northampton, Hampshire, Leicester or Reading;
within an hour from Norwich, Exeter, Cambridge or Bristol.

How to apply

Start: apply online by sending to esba@crown.al

  • passport
  • last academic year grades translated
  • any internationally recognized English test result obtained
    *applications received after April 30th 16:00 CET will not be considered

Be present at preliminary meeting

  • with your parent or legal guardian
  • sign application form and related documents
  • Pay GBP 100 exam deposit via bank transfer

Exam day within a week

  • Present yourself with your passport,
  • get a 50% deposit refund after exam completion

Know your result and move ahead

  • make a preliminary interview with the board
  • If successful you will be awarded a Certificate of Scholarship
  • you will be presented with a school that matches your aspirations

Final Actions

  • apply to the British school and achieve conditional offer
  • complete conditions of the offer
  • pass the interview with the UK boarding school
  • present actual grades upon completion of academic year in Albania
  • prepare documents for visa application
  • apply for a visa

you are now a UK
boarding school student