Training & Testing


Get ready for the IELTS test with CROWN Albania. Our centre offers IELTS Expert Sessions in order to help test takers prepare and gain test-taking skills necessary to excel in the IELTS test. Our sessions are offered by experienced teachers in comfortable classrooms. You can expect to understand the basic fundamentals of the IELTS Test, with special focus on vocabulary.

Lexical Resource
Grammatical Range and Accuracy
Coherence and Cohesion

The IELTS test is offered twice per month and includes four testing modules.

Listening: 40 Questions in 30 minutes.
Reading: 40 Questions in 60 minutes.
Writing: 2 Tasks (150 and 250 words) in 60 minutes.
Speaking: 3 Parts in 15 minutes face-to-face with a live speaker

IELTS Life Skills

Is the new test of the series introduced by the UK Home Office used for family settlement visas and it tests listening and speaking skills. We provide mock up test, one to one tuition to speed up your learning process so that you can reach your beloved in the UK as soon as you can.

Excellent track record: Our candidate had previously failed the exam 6 times and passed IELTS live skills after only 11 sessions with our professional trainer.


Ours TOEFL training sessions are conducted by experienced teachers in our centre, which boasts wonderfully comfortable classrooms in the centre of Tirana. After finishing the TOEFL training you’ll be able to understand the basic fundamentals of the TOEFL Test, and get a higher score based on the special focus on vocabulary you’ll be getting here.

The TOEFL test is offered twice per month and includes four testing modules.

General English

General English classes for Beginners and Elementary students to start you out with learning English properly. We follow-up our entry level English by offering Pre-intermediate and Intermediate English as well as Upper-intermediate and Advanced Level English.

English for Kids

Teaching English to kids is our passion. We understand that children are the most capable individuals when it comes to learning a new language well and that starting young is an advantage. CROWN Albania offers several classes and experienced and qualified teachers ready to work with your child to learn fluent and fun English. Our teaching methods allow for greater participation by making great use of:

  • Role play
  • Debates
  • Music & Poetry
  • Movies & Games

Business English

Skills in business English is a necessity nowadays for almost all individuals working in the Albanian retail sector, the banking industry, and the Albanian Small Business Enterprises. CROWN Albania has a qualitative experience in training many executive staff in Business English, paying close attention to vocabulary use and fluency in speaking.

Legal English

Why learn Legal English with CROWN Albania? Because our professional staff understands the needs of an adult student who is wanting to perfect his or her Legal English vocabulary use and fluency. We’ve trained paralegal and legal staff to use professional English in their workplace and helped them achieve greater accuracy and success.

Computer Literacy and Certification

At CROWN Albania students learn better ICT skills in a market-oriented job-placement allowing for the effective and productive use of any computer’s main software.

Our curriculum includes learning how to use basic computer skills as well as offering the more ambitious students the ability to use Word Processing power or Excel Worksheets at a competent level.

Furthermore, we are able to ensure an objective standard of competence, by validate skills and knowledge in ICT, through a well recognized international certificate.

Employment Training

Our goal is to help you land your dream job. And the way to do that is to be trained and advised by field experts. Our Employment Training programs center on empowering the individual to be able to perform well on the job while gaining new skills.

Our programs are suitable for the continuing employee as well as for employees joining the job market for the first time.

Leadership Skills

  • Leading by Charisma and Integrity
  • Live the vision by using values and principles
  • Staff motivation
  • Trust and delegation
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Presentation / Speech / Moderation

  • Effective presentation
  • Effective design of speeches
  • Effective moderation of groups

Sales and Customer Orientation

  • Self-organization in sales
  • Telephone marketing
  • Effective sales communication
  • Sales psychology
  • Product presentation
  • Contract and commitment
  • Operative Merchandising
  • Service Excellence: From the customer’s view